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Review Type: Hands-on production experience using sendinblue. (This is the marketing platform we use in our business.)

Review Date:  February 25, 2021

Summary:  sendinblue is a fully featured solution that is economic and easy to use offering a major price advantage.

Unique Differentiators:  The solution is easy to use, with most features being self-explanatory. One can have their 1st marketing campaign up and out within an hour or two. 


As can be seen in the table below, it is also feature-rich, providing all the feature groups that one needs in a serious marketing automation platform.


Noting the breadth of the solution, what attracted us to choose sendinblue is their different approach to pricing. Many of the solutions 'penalize' one for having more than 500 or 1,000 contacts.  sendinblue does not do this. For email campaigns there are no limits to the number of contacts one may have. They do provide limits on the number of emails you send per month (see below).  For automated drip-marketing campaigns, the Lite version restricts you to 2,000 contacts, but the Premium, at only $66 a month, has no limits to the number of contacts.  Again there are limits on monthly emails, but they are pretty high (again see below). As a consultant who does marketing for our clients and pursues our own re-seller activities via marketing automation, we can easily afford this industrial strength solution. Some of the other solutions with comparable features will charge five and ten times the cost for the number of contacts that we support in our work (over 20,000).  

About:  sendinblue is a French company, located in Paris. They have grown quickly and now have several hundred thousand customers around the world. Thus they are now a major player in this space.

Ease of Use:  Good! We figured out most of the features with only occasional requests to support. There are a few features that one will need to ask how to use, but not many.

Reports and Logs: Excellent! One gets good insight into everything going on and can export all the information for doing analysis

Support: Phone support is only available to those with the Premium Plan or above. Trouble ticket support is for the lower priced plans. The Trouble Ticket support takes an hour or two to get responses but they are quite good.

Feature Summary:  sendinblue is very feature rich.  Below gives a high level summary of some of the feature groups. Go to sendinblue Pricing and Feature List for an in-depth view of both of these topics. 

Pricing Summary:  The reason we use sendinblue is as much the quality of the solution as is the pricing.  sendinblue's pricing is very attactive. Most marketing solutions put a steep price on Contacts, whereas sendinblue's Contact pricing is very reasonable. In our company, we focus heavily on email marketing automation, and are receiving and generating 20 to 40 new leads a day for one of our partners. Currently, we have over 16,000 leads we are touching at least once a month. To do this with any other marketing solution would be cost prohibitive, whereas we sendinblue it costs us $66 a month. WOW!!  Below is a short summary of the pricing. Again go to sendinblue Pricing and Feature List for details of pricing.

  1. Free Plan:

    1. 9.000 Emails a month (300 Emails a day)

    2. CRM Solution

  2. Lite

    1. Between $25 (10,000 emails a month) and $99.00 a month (100,000 Emails a month)

    2. 2,000 Contacts max in drip-marketing campaigns

    3. Detailed statistics and A/B Testing

  3. Premium

    1. No contact limits in drip-marketing campaigns

    2. $66/Month for 120,000 emails

    3. $173/Month for 350,000 emails

    4. All Features and Phone Support

  4. Enterprise Plans – custom bids

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