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Feature Summary:  Vyond is very feature rich.  Below gives a high level summary of some of the feature groups. Go to Vyond Pricing and Feature List for an in-depth view of both of these topics. 

Pricing Summary:  Vyond's Pricing is  Below is a short summary of the pricing. Again go to Vyond Pricing and Feature List for details of pricing.

  1. Essential:

    1. $49 a month, or $299 a year

  2. Premium

    1. $89 a month, or $649 a year

  3. Professional

    1. $159 a month, or $999 a year 

  4. Enterprise Plans – custom plans

Review Type: Hands-on production experience using Vyond. (This is the video animation studio we use in our business.)

Review Date:  February 20, 2021

Summary:  Vyond is a fully featured video animation studio that is easy to use at a reasonable price for organizations that incorporate animated video into their communications strategies. It is used by HR and eLearning departments, marketing groups and government programs that need to create professional videos quickly to better engage with their audiences. 

For marketing, these videos may be used in support of EMails. We use them, and when we do, our 'click-thru' rates are 5% to 10% higher than links to non-video collateral. Of course, they may be also used in websites and social media.

Unique Differentiators:  The solution is easy to use, with most features being self-explanatory. One can create their first, professional video in a matter of five to seven hours, even with no previous video experience. This supports the "PowerPoint" to "Animated Video" transition occurring in many organizations.

The solution is incredibly feature rich. One has hundreds of character types, grouped into casual, business-friendly and whiteboarding. There are pre-packaged scenes that one may use. Royalty free sound tracks are incorporated enabling background music. And one can import many of these elements to use your own custom music and graphics

A major differentiator of Vyond is that it fully supports teams - many packages do not. So you can have a group of people working on the same video, enhancing it and incorporating ideas from multiple folks in one single environment. This also enables having a 'library' of music, props and images that help brand the videos being created by the group.

Vyond offers over 100 pre-packaged video templates. These are designed to enable a user to open the most appropriate template in the studio and then customize it to their specific goals. This saves time, and improves the quality of the result. It also is a perfect training tool, since one sees the way the Vyond professionals create their videos.

Video may be incorporated into the animation, and vice-versa. One may add animated characters and props into video - it's pretty cool.

Lastly, there are royalty free 'sounds' available from multiple websites that enable you to add further interest to your production to engage the audience more fully.

In examining other approaches to creating videos, Vyond enables one to create a 3 to 5 minute video for only about $1,000 of labor, whereas a film-based video production often costs $10,000 to $20,000 to produce. Thus Vyond provides very good savings if animated video will suffice for your business needs.

About:  Vyond is a 15-year old San Francisco based company, They have grown quickly with over a hundred employees and annual revenues of over $30 million.  The solution is used world-wide, supports multiple languages and now is used by several hundred thousand customers. Thus they are a major player in this space.

Ease of Use:  Good! We figured out most of the features with only occasional requests to support. There are a few features that one will need to ask how to use, but not many.

Reports and Logs: Excellent! One gets good insight into everything going on and can export all the information for doing analysis

Support: Phone support is available to those with the annual Premium Plan or above. The chat support channel is excellent. 

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